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5 Large Format Printing Tips for Your Business

Let these large format printing tips help you design your next sign or banner

Looking to invest in some high-quality, custom printed signs or banners? Large format printing is a great way to showcase your business or brand. A study from the Sign Research Foundation found that one additional sign in a business brings in a sales increase of 4.75 percent. However, your signage is only as effective as your design. Let these large format printing tips guide you when it comes to planning for your next sign or banner.

1. Know your placement

Knowing where you'll be placing your sign or banner can give you a better idea of how to design it effectively. Will your banner be hung at the front of your store? Are you looking for outdoor signage? The International Signage Association (ISA) says a good sign needs to be detectable, conspicuous, legible and comprehensible.

Once you have an idea of where you'll be hanging your signage, you can decide how big you need it to be. A small sign on a busy street will be hard for potential customers to see. Research from the ISA shows that your sign needs to be at least 70 percent larger than the signs on your street in order to be noticed by passing cars.

If you're displaying your sign near a busy roadway, you'll need to make sure it's big enough to be legible. According to sign experts, your sign's letters should be a minimum of one-inch tall for every twenty-five feet of distance.

Keep in mind where you'll be placing your signage for the greatest impact.

2. Simplicity can be your friend

It can be tempting to fill your signage with every single detail about your business. Maybe you want to list all of your products and services. However, a busy sign can be harder for people to take in, especially in a hurry.

Think of what you want your sign's message to be. Are you announcing your grand opening? Are you have a big sale coming up that you want to promote? Knowing what you want to say can help make your large format printing process run smoothly.

Another tip is to try avoiding fonts that are too fancy or complicated. While they may look cool on paper, it might be more difficult for people to read quickly. Keeping your message simple doesn't mean your banner needs to be basic, though.

3. Image quality is key

Another of Excelsus Solutions' large format printing tips is to keep your image quality in mind when designing your product. The picture you took on your iPhone looks great, but will it still look good on large format signage? A high-quality image will make your message clear to potential customers.

If you're using a DSLR camera for your pictures, try changing the settings for higher resolution. Shooting your pictures in RAW, instead of JPEG, gives you a higher quality of picture and more options for editing. Because RAW files aren't processed the same as JPEG files, you have the ability to edit them with a greater level of detail.

Another thing to remember is that how your picture looks on your screen might be different than how it looks when resized for print. The pictures you see on a website can still look good, even with a lower resolution. The pictures you're printing need to be at a higher resolution.

Vector graphics for large format printing

Avoid the hassle of a pixelated image altogether with a vector graphic instead. While vector artwork might look like a drawing or image, it's actually made up of paths instead of pixels.

These paths are all based on mathematical formulas. Because of this, it can be resized with ease.

When you enlarge a low quality image for print, it can become blocky and pixelated. If you enlarge or shrink a well-made vector graphic there is less of a chance of quality loss.

Vectors can be made easily in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Or, try using an online "vectorizer" for your graphics. Try using vector graphics when designing your next sign or banner.

4. Choosing your substrate

Your signage placement and image quality are extremely important. But have you given a lot of thought to which material you're printing your sign on? Are you hanging your sign indoors our outdoors? Are you looking for temporary signage, or something with longevity? Choosing the right substrate for printing can make a huge difference in your sign's impact on consumers.


Vinyl is a great choice when it comes to printing lasting signs and banners. As a banner, vinyl can offer you a durable option for outdoor use. It's long-lasting, so you can use it for long periods of time both inside and outdoors.

Vinyl isn't just for banners either. Removable vinyl is a great way to advertise your business temporarily or all year long. This material is also super durable and lasts a long time. Plus, it doesn't leave a residue when removed from walls or flat surfaces.


Printing on acrylic can give you a higher level of quality when it comes to your business's signs and banners. Acrylic signage is favored for its luminance and detail. If you've put a lot of effort into the image quality of your design, then consider printing on acrylic. Another benefit is that acrylic signage can be mounted easily. It's also extremely durable, so your signage investment will last.


Looking for a versatile material that can handle both indoor and outdoor display? Coroplast is a corrugated plastic material recommend by printers for its durability. Coroplast has the benefit of being stain-proof and weather-resistant. It's also lightweight, so it can be displayed easily inside or outside your business. Choosing coroplast for your printing needs can give you a sense of ease when it comes to hanging your signage outdoors.


Printing on a high-quality material doesn't have to break your budget. Styrene is a great material when it comes to delivering quality and affordability. Styrene is a thin PVC sheet that still manages to be super strong. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Common uses for styrene include trade show signs, advertising on public transportation, billboards and free-standing displays.

Other options for signage substrates

These are only a few of the options available to you when it comes to large format printing. Aluminum, foam board, DiBond, and Gator Board are other materials worth looking into. Take a look at Excelsus Solution's full list of direct to substrate print options and request a quote today.

5. Think outside of the box

Signs and banners can be a great way of expressing your business's creativity. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to designing your signage. A good print service provider, like Excelsus Solutions, can work with you to make your ideas a reality. Take a look at some of these options for signage that you can get creative with.

Floor graphics

Floor graphics are a great way for your business to make an impression on consumers. Having something interesting for people to look at while they wait in line can help make your business memorable.

Floor graphics also come in handy when it comes to promoting things like social distancing. Remind customers to stand six feet apart while waiting in line. Or, safely designate pick-up and order locations in your business to ease the flow of traffic.

Floor graphics are one of many ways you can bring your business' signage to the next level.

Large scale wall graphics

Show off your business's personality with a large-scale wall graphic. Design your graphic to show a nature scene for a calming feel in your business. Or, choose a wall graphic that is more abstract to show off the fun side of what your business does.

Wall graphics can be easily installed and removed too. A wall graphic gives you all the benefits of a mural, but can be easily changed if you decide on something else.

Window clings and graphics

Graphics aren't just useful for inside your business. Window clings and films can show everyone outside what you're about.

Display pictures of some of your products and services. Advertise a current sale you're having. With the right window graphic, the options are endless. Plus, they can be removed when you decide you're done using them.

Keep these large format printing tips in mind when designing your signs and banners

Making the most of your signs and banners doesn't have to be difficult. Use these large format printing tips the next time you're interested in updating your business's look.

Remember to think about where you're hanging your sign or banner, so that it has the maximum impact. Don't overload your signage with info, but add some fun graphics to make it memorable.

Your image quality goes a long way. Make sure you're using a high-quality graphic that reflects your business. Spend some time thinking about which material you want your products printed on. And overall, don't be afraid to have fun with it.

When you're ready to start printing, get in touch with Excelsus Solutions to request a quote for all of your signage needs!

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