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Committed to Excellence

What really sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to excellence.

Producing high quality signage is made possible by subscribing to a process of continuous improvement, 6S lean manufacturing principles, and keeping up with the latest technologies.

By the time you receive your product it's been through a rigorous QC procedure and signed off on throughout every step of the process - from customer service all the way through shipping.

We're not satisfied with good enough.

And we're always tweaking our workflows to make sure our process is flawless.

Why Excelsus?

Excelsus is a derivative of the latin word "excello" which means "elevated, lofty, of the highest standard". Our name is a daily reminder that we are striving for the best regardless of how difficult that may be day in and day out. 

We demand a lot out of ourselves because we know that our customers have lofty demands as well. Businesses don't last otherwise.

Why Excelsus Solutions, and not Excelsus Print?

Because we are so much more than just a large format printer. We are a solutions company. We are invested in helping your business break the mold and solve the problems that might be keeping you from acquiring that customer you've always wanted .

Or helping you solve that branding problem you've been having. The one that keeps your store from getting noticed from the street.

When you ask us to print your retail signage, we hear you asking us to solve the problem of growing your business to the next level - and we're all hands on deck.

Welcome to Excelsus Solutions!

Meet The Leadership Team


Owner & CEO

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Mark Laniak brings veteran leadership, industry knowledge, and an eagle eye for quality to Excelsus.


VP of Operations

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Cool as a cucumber, Dave Laniak can solve any problem at Excelsus. You're in good hands with Dave.


VP of Company Culture & Customer Experience

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Carin Laniak brings outside-the-box thinking and a customer-first attitude in her role as Vice President of Company Culture & Customer Experience.


Director of Strategic Solutions

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Chris Laniak brings a wealth of knowledge to every client interaction. He's done it all at Excelsus.



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Mark McDermott is a seasoned printing professional who is connecting Excelsus with new audiences and industries. Give him a call.

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