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Direct to Substrate Printing

Print on Anything You Want

Example of Direct To Substrate Printng Vibrant Ink On Wood

We're in a New York Substrate of Mind.

Having the ability to print direct to substrate allows for the utmost flexibility when it comes to your signage needs. Prior to this type of technology, printers had to print on vinyl or other material containing an adhesive, and then mount that print to whatever the substrate base was. Many of our competitors still use this method.

The old way of doing things is cumbersome, not cost effective, and worst of all - it's an inferior product.

Using our UV Flatbed Printers, we are able to cut out all those extra steps, and provide more durable and cost effective signage in the process.

What types of Substrate can we Print on?

If you can name it, chances are we can print on it. Here's a small list of the materials we are constantly running:

  • Aluminum

  • Alumalite

  • DiBond

  • Omegabond

  • PVC

  • Sintra

  • Styrene

  • Acrylic

  • Polycarbonate

  • Coroplast

  • Foam Board

  • Gator Board

  • Infinity Board

  • Corrugate - Eflute/Bflute

  • Paper - up to 50pt Thick

  • MDO

  • Banner

  • Vinyl

  • Fabric

  • Magnet

  • Wood

Benefits of Direct to Substrate Printing

As we touched on above, there are many benefits to this type of printing. Let's go over some of them, shall we?

Economic Benefits

It's nice to save money, isn't it? For us, it's even nicer to save time. Because we can produce your print in one pass, it goes directly from the flatbed to our digital die cutter for finishing, and then out the door to our happy customers. Saving that time and labor cost is what makes our low prices possible. How low? Click here for a quote request.


Have you ever walked by a sign and noticed the material is bubbling up? This is because the substrate has been laminated with vinyl and has either been poorly applied, or more likely, just damaged by the elements.

Our UV cured inks are printed directly on the material which means no bubbling (or silvering as it's sometimes referred to). Not to mention our inks are waterproof, scratch resistant, and eco friendly.

Example of Durable Outdoor Direct to Vinyl Printing

Looking for Outdoor Signage? Our direct to substrate printing methods are a perfect fit!

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