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Digital Print Solutions

On Demand & On Point

digital print solutions in Rochester jeti mira flatbed printer in motion

Digital Print Solutions and agility.

The print landscape has changed in the last 30 years. If you're a seasoned print buyer this isn't exactly news. However, there are few companies in Rochester that saw the trends as clearly as Excelsus Solutions did in the early days. That's why we built our entire business around digital print solutions. We're glad we did.

Speed meets quality meets affordability

There's a saying, maybe you've heard it...

"Fast, cheap, good - pick two"


Well, as digital print technology continues to improve, that saying is beginning to have less and less relevance. Excelsus has kept pace with that technology, and it's allowed us to produce stellar work that not only looks great, but is turned around quickly and at competitive prices.

Things like same day poster printing are possible without compromising quality or costing your business an arm and a leg.

A look at some of our Digital Printing capabilities

White Ink Printing

Both of our flatbed printers can be loaded up with white ink which allows your marketing team to dream big when it comes to both design and substrates! Digital white ink printing gives us the ability to lay down sharp, full color images on any black or clear material. Want to print your company logo on a natural, kraft paper stock? No problem - spot white ink to the rescue!

Digital Spot and Flood Varnish

If your print project needs an extra push to get the attention it deserves, maybe you need to make it shine! Our digital varnish process allows for varying levels of gloss as well as spot varnish for just select areas. 

8 Color Inkjet and Latex Printing

8 Colors gives us a large gamut for rich images and color matching. CMYK is for suckers - try CMYKLCLMLYLK instead!

digital die cutting rochester ny kongsberg flexhead

Digital Die Cutting? Digital Die Cutting!

We have three digital die cutting machines at our disposal which means no more waiting for custom "clamshell" dies to be manufactured for your project. It also means that if you want just one box printed and cut - with all the folds, creases, perfs, flaps, and rounded corners that come with any custom packaging project - we can do that. We can do it same day if needed!

What are you waiting for? Check us out!

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