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Large Format Printing

High quality prints delivered on time, on budget, and on brand

Large Format Print In Rochester, NY Vibrant Wall Graphic

Large Format Printing is our bread and butter.

We've been large format printing for a long time and we’ve partnered with hundreds of businesses both locally and nationally to create compelling, high impact signage. The kind of signage that provides fantastic return on investment for our customers. What can we say? We love helping you grow your business!

Exactly what kind of large format services are we talking about, here?

Great question! We’re kind of proud of them (maybe you could tell). Here’s a quick list of the types of projects that are running on our presses all day, every day.

  • Banners

  • Wall Graphics

  • Posters

  • Vinyl 

  • Floor Graphics

  • Yard Signs

  • Car Wraps

  • Window Perf Signs

  • Car Decals

  • Standees

  • Menu Boards

  • A-Frames

  • Custom Packaging

  • Backlit Signs

  • Pole Banners

  • Retractable Banners

  • Outdoor Signage

  • Trade Show Signage

  • POP Displays

  • Canvas Prints

  • And much, much more!

How big is large?

Sewing Large Fabric Banner Rochester
Large Outdoor Pole Banners Printed For Rochester Public Library

Pretty big, actually. You want giant posters? We can do that. Oversized banners? We bought a really expensive sewing machine just to hem them.  And it’s all digital, which means we move lightening quick!

Just the print specs...

We've got an array of top-notch digital presses that are absolute work horses when it comes to pumping out the awe inspiring graphics your business needs. We have three flatbed printers, two roll to roll latex machines, and one hybrid flatbed/roll-to-roll, UV ink printer. Not to mention a couple of Epsons to handle our specialty fine arts prints.

Our Roll to Roll Machines can print as wide as 126" and as long as the roll permits.


Our Flat Bed Printers can print as wide as 105 inches on any rigid substrate imaginable.


Click here to learn more about our Digital Print Technology.

Wide Format HP Latex Printer On Our Production Floor

A brief rundown of format terminology

These are terms that come up over and over again with our customers - so don't feel bad if you need a lesson in exactly what they mean. Some of them are interchangeable, but they can be used to specify what sizes a printer is capable of achieving.

Large Format is also known as Wide Format

"Large Format" and "Wide Format" mean the exact same thing. It's just a matter of personal preference and sometimes we will use both terms in the same sentence. 

Large Outdoor Vinyl Graphic Featuring Motorcycle

Large Format (or Wide Format) refers to any print that is wider than 24", but smaller than 98"

Looking for KILLER Retail Signage?

Many commercial printers are not capable of printing this large. Many who do, will only do so in high volume. At Excelsus Solutions, we can do any quantity - whether it's one vinyl graphic, or 150. 

Grand Format (aka Super Wide)

Here we go again with the interchangeable terms... as you may have guessed these terms refer to really, really big printing! We are fully capable of printing at "Grand Format" sizes. Even if the size you require is larger than what will fit on our press, we have methods of installation that allow us to print and then  assemble onsite for a truly massive piece of signage!

Grand Format, or Super-Wide, is any print larger than 98"

Yes. We can do that!

Grand Format Trailer Wrap Printed For Kyle Wyman Racing

Narrow Format

Narrow format printing refers to printing that is less than 24" wide, and we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't also provide those services for our clients as well. 

Small Retail Signage in Store
A Shelf Strip Printed With A Product Price

Do you want to know the best part about being a large format printer that can also handle narrow format? We have the ability fit many small pieces on one sheet of material when printing. That saves us money... which saves you money!

Not to mention that effective signage is fueled by variety, which helps to draw your customer's attention to the deals and services your business provides. Let's work together to highlight those sales and features that NEED to be seen. 

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