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Prepress & Color Management

Perfect Files Make Perfect Prints

state of the art digital prepress rochester, ny

State of the art workflow & digital color matching.

Excelsus Solutions understands that every part of the printing process is crucial when delivering a high quality product. That's why we have a team of seasoned professionals in our prepress department - and we've equipped them with industry leading technology to ensure your project meets spec.

Prepress is the first step in quality control

Every part of the print process is crucial to achieving our standards, and it all starts with prepress and file prep. Our team is not only trained, but personally invested, in making sure that no sub-par files get ripped out to press.

This means that your organization can rest easy when you're submitting your file for print. If the file has issues, we'll either fix them for you, or let you know ASAP so that your designer can make the necessary changes.

Digital color matching you can count on

Just because print has gone digital, doesn't mean that you're brand specific PMS colors go out the window. On the contrary, we go out of our way to ensure color matching across all substrates and processes.

Feel free to provide us with a match print, or specific PMS colors to hit. Or simply request color targets and we'll gladly provide them on the correct substrate and from the actual machine that will be producing your work. This goes beyond traditional Epson proofing.

Our color specialist, Tony, is RIT trained and has 29 years of experience in color management. Suffice to say, he's a huge asset to the company - and a huge reason that the nation's top brands keep coming back to us.

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