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15 Cool Vehicle Wrap Ideas to Inspire You

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Considering a wrap for your car, truck, trailer or other vehicle? Let our list of unique wrap ideas inspire you!

Thinking of wrapping your car, truck or trailer, but not sure where to start? Choosing the right design for your business or brand is an important step in the process. In some ways, an amazing design is a first impression for potential customers when they see your vehicle out on the road. A unique vehicle wrap can help them remember your brand or business for years to come.

We've put together this list of cool vehicle wrap ideas to get inspire you for your next vinyl wrapping project.

1. Copenhagen Zoo's Snake Bus

This wrap really "crushes" it when it comes to unique designs. The wrap was created for the Copenhagen Zoo in 2009 as part of an advertising campaign. It's been designed to look like a giant snake is wrapping itself around the bus. crushing it. This is a fun illusion that plays off well as a vehicle wrap. The wrap also says a lot about the group behind it. One look at this bus and you know exactly what the Copenhagen Zoo is all about: exciting animals mixed with playfulness.

2. "Should've Gone to Specsavers"

Oops! At first glance, it looks like this bus has backed up into a parking sign. But look again, and you'll see that it's actually a vehicle wrap. The wrap is an advertisement for Specsavers, a British retail optical chain. If the driver had gone to Specsavers for their glasses, then maybe they wouldn't have "hit" that sign. Adding a little humor to your wrap, if that makes sense with your business, can go a long way towards making it one to remember.

3. Life on the Veg

Sometimes, having a clever pun or slogan can also make your vehicle wrap memorable for potential customers. Take a look at this wrap created for Caulipower, a brand that makes cauliflower crust pizza. It uses large product shots and the caption "Live Life on the Veg," to get its message across. Seeing something like this on the street might make you look for Caulipower the next time you're at the grocery store.

4. Go Big or Go Home

Here's another wrap that's guaranteed to make you hungry. This wrap design for Big Cheesy Gourmet Grill, a grilled cheese food truck, takes "big" to a whole new level. Those giant grilled cheeses are sure to catch your eye if you're out looking for a bite to eat. There's a well-known saying that, "you eat with your eyes first." A customer seeing a perfectly grilled sandwich, up close and in person, while they're looking for food might drive them to your business.

5. Half-and-Half

Your vehicle wrap doesn't always need to take up the most space to be effective. Take a look at this custom truck wrap. It only takes up the back half of the vehicle, showing the truck's original color in the front. There's an eye-catching contrast between the two areas. Making effective use of your space when designing a cool vehicle wrap is just as important as the design itself.

6. To Infinity and Beyond

Basing your cool vehicle wrap design on the latest trends is another great way to make the most out of your wrap. Galaxy print is definitely popular right now, so it makes sense to go with that if you're looking for a trendy wrap job. Check out this car wrapped up in a purple and blue galaxy print. If you saw a vehicle like this driving down the road, you'd probably stop to check it out.

7. Strawberry Wraps Forever

Working with what you have is key when figuring out your wrap design. For this cement mixer, your standard trailer wrap wouldn't work, given the nature of the vehicle. Instead, the back of the mixer is wrapped to look like a giant strawberry that advertises a local public market. This wrap is an amazing example of thinking outside of the box when it comes to wrapping your truck or trailer.

8. X-ray Vision

If you look quickly, it might seem like this truck is missing its tailgate. It's actually a cool vehicle wrap instead! The wrap is for Forklift Systems, a retail forklift business. This unique design, partnered with the business's logo also on the back, is sure to stick in your mind if you're ever in need of a forklift.

9. Called to Action

Giving potential customers a call to action is another way to make the most of your vehicle wrap. This wrapped van for Denny's is a great example. The text along the bottom of the vehicle tells other drivers to, "Follow me to Denny's." While they might not actually drop everything and follow you, it is a reminder to stop by your business sometime. Other call to action options are, "Give us a call today!" or, "Visit our website for more." Try using a clever call to action when designing your next vehicle wrap.

10. A Matter of Perspective

Playing with perspective is another of our cool vehicle wrap ideas. In this mock-up for a wrapped trailer, the side and back of the trailer can be seen as their own separate images. When looked at from the right angle, however, a different view can be seen. Taking perspective into account when designing your wrap is important. How far away will your wrap be viewed from? How tall or wide do your graphics need to be? But perspective can also be used as a tool to set your vehicle wrap apart from the competition.

11. The Whole Package

Everyone loves a good visual pun. Don't be afraid to get creative when designing your van or other vehicle wraps! This van wrap for a UK-based printing company is a perfect example. The printer claims to offer "the ultimate advertising package," for its clients. They've designed their vehicle wrap to match that! The wrap looks like a package, covered in brown paper and tied with string. There are also "tears" in the brown paper that show the business logo. This vehicle wrap is a unique, visually interesting approach at advertising.

12. Flexing on 'Em

Here's another of our cool vehicle wrap ideas that would definitely turn some heads. This wrap is another visual pun, but for a credit union that prides itself on its flexibility. The bus appears to warp and stretch around the word flexible. The use of shadows and light makes the effect look realistic, like there are actual dents on the outside of the bus.

13. Show, Don't Just Tell

This trailer wrap concept for FedEx says a lot without using any words in its design. The wrap shows two UPS vans stuck inside of one FedEx trailer. The implication is that FedEx is able to do twice as much as their competitor. Not only is the wrap itself pretty clever, but it's also memorable. If you're looking for a shipping provider after seeing this trailer, FedEx will probably be your first thought.

14. Remember the Finer Details

The finer details still matter when designing your vehicle wrap. This truck wrap for a rustic furniture company shows logs and wood planks, probably similar to the ones used in the company's furniture. But there's one detail that you may have missed. The nerf bar, or step bar, that can be used to climb in and out of the truck is also wood-themed! Whether it's wrapped in vinyl, or a custom-created step bar is hard to tell. Regardless, it's still an interesting detail added to the overall wrap job.

15. A Glitch in the Matrix

At the end of the day, whichever vehicle wrap you choose should reflect the core of your brand or business. The wrap above is for a company in the tech industry. Just one look at the theme of the wrap, the back end looks like a computer's circuit board, tells you what the business is about. If you have key elements associated with your business, water for plumbing or food for catering, try including those in your design!

Ready to make your cool vehicle wrap ideas a reality?

Hopefully this list of vehicle wrap ideas provided some inspiration for your next wrapping project. When you're ready to get wrapping, request a quote from Excelsus Solutions.

With 18 years of large-format printing experience, we bring our knowledge and expertise to every single wrap job we do. We print on high-grade, 3M vinyl material backed by a 3M MCS Warranty. With 50,000 square feet at our disposal, we'll wrap even your largest trucks and trailers.

Plus, our fully secure indoor wrapping facility gives you peace of mind that your vehicles will be monitored and taken care of 24/7.

Check out some of our latest work below!

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