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4 Ways to Create Good Vibes in Your Office

Everyone hopes the job they choose is going to be one that they actually enjoy going to, right? Well guess what... making that wish come true starts with YOU! Good vibes and positivity in the workplace is an effort that we all must strive for! Making the effort for yourself will in fact make the workplace a better, more fun and enjoyable place to be. Here are 4 suggestions that are essential for good vibes. 

It all begins and ends with your attitude. Whether you’re the boss of a large company or the intern in the mailroom, your attitude is an important part of the every day culture at work. Did you wake up late, spill your coffee on your shirt and then realize you forgot your notes for the big meeting today? Bad days happen!! But try to remember not to take it out on your employees or coworkers. Making a conscious effort to keep the negativity at bay will not only have a positive impact on those around you, but also with your own frame of mind. Take a deep breath in, focus on the good and smile! In fact, start simple. For the rest of the day, I challenge you to give an ear to ear silly, heartwarming smile to everyone who looks your way. You may be surprised to see how contagious a smile really is!

Give your office space a make over! Take a look around at your office… does it make you happy? Starting small and simply organizing the stacks of papers on your desk can have a huge impact on your happiness. Clutter is proven to raise the stress level in your brain and actually makes you LESS productive. It would be well worth your company’s time to have a monthly “de-cluttering hour” where every employee takes an hour or two to stop what they are doing and get organized! Organization=happier employees=more productivity=GOOD VIBES!

Part 2 to this “make-over” suggestion is to add something fun to the mix. Maybe choose a wall (think conference room, break room, the lobby/front entrance,or individual office spaces) and put up a graphic that adds a real WOW factor to the décor. Something that can get employees and customers alike excited to step foot into the building! Maybe your coworkers are always talking about how great it would be to be at the beach instead of at work… well then why not bring the beach to them every time they break for lunch! Or maybe when you close your eyes to go to your “happy place” you find yourself among the pine trees soaking in the gorgeous views of a mountain lake. There’s no reason you can’t bring that serenity to your office every single day! Need some ideas for creating the perfect piece for your office? Check us out at or Email us at and we will help you come up with the perfect graphic.

Whether you want to call it team building or just plain fun, plan something that’s a little “out of the box” every now and then. Maybe step away from the usual every day schedule and let your team come in an hour later on a Monday. Or give an employee their birthday off with pay. Even something as simple as bringing in a special lunch that everyone can enjoy a couple times a month is meaningful and can help people re-charge and realize what they love about their job and the people that they work with! Want to go above and beyond in this department? Appoint a few people in the office, give them a budget and deem them the “fun committee”. Bonding between employees will most definitely result in good vibes in the work place!

Check in more often with each other.Taking the time to speak with each other about more than just work tasks (within reason of course!) is important. Just asking the simple question, “Hey Mike, how did the little league game go with your son?” can mean the world! Making real connections with the people you spend 40+ hours a week with will only make the time spent more enjoyable. Having friends at work just makes going to work more fun!

Checking in can also mean sharing accomplishments regularly with the whole group. From something as small as the customer service rep catching a mistake before the job went to print, or the salesman who snagged a great new account, or how your secretary’s daughter graduated school with honors…highlighting the accomplishments and details your employees and coworkers are proud of will most definitely spread good vibes and smiles all around. Try to make these announcements a regular part of your week!

Have you put any of these suggestions into play? Spread the good vibes and share your stories with us!

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