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Welcome to the Team - Excelsus Looks Good On You!

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

We want to take a minute to give the warmest welcome to the new team members at Excelsus Solutions! We are happy to have you on board!! Get to know them a little more below:

David is Rochester born and raised. He studied at Aquinas for high school and continued his education at SUNY Cortland for a Bachelor’s in Business Economics + Finance. David previously worked in the Software and Manufacturing industries. He is a lifelong hockey fan and player, as well as a follower of the Pittsburgh Penguins. He enjoys trivia and games with friends in his free time.

Jessica is from all over the world, having lived overseas and the Sourthern US during her younger years. She moved north when she was a teen and then attended SUNY Oswego where she got a Bachelors of Performing Arts and a Masters in Business Management. She later returned to school at Drexel University where she received a Bachelors of Psychology. Jessica is a huge Disney nerd and avid cat lover.

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Hi im jonathan holmes and i would like to fill out an application but im not sure how to i also cant find the application on the website if someone could give me a call to help me i would really appreciate that very much please and thank u.

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