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MYTHBUSTER - Print vs. digital edition

In today’s technological world, the heated debate about print vs digital marketing is everywhere. So, what do you say we play a round of myth busters? I will give 4 statements and it’s up to you to choose if its truth or myth! But keep reading, because what you learn from the answer might just blow your mind. Okay, cue the jeopardy music…. ready - set - GO!!

#1 - More information can be acquired from the digital medium because internet usage is skyrocketing.



The world wide web is full of information. It’s also full of fake news from sources that are growing faster than the mold on those strawberries you picked up 2 weeks ago. Only a portion of the information you spend hours on the internet scouring over is actually true. Therefore, you only absorb about 20% of reliable information. It is rare that someone is going to put their time, effort and money into printing useless information. On reliability alone, print crushes this myth!

#2 - Printed ads do not get as much attention as a digital advertisement.



Sure in today's technical society you can post a status or comment and it can be seen by millions, but seeing does not mean the content has actually caught any attention. How many times have you got an email and just deleted it without a second glance, or scrolled through your social media feed at lightening speeds only coming up for air every 2 minutes? The odds are probably pretty high. But with mail or prints, just by being a physical object it wins more attention and chance of interaction. How sneaky!

#3 - Digital Media has already stolen the spotlight in the marketing world.



Digital marketing definitely has the capabilities to reach a widespread audience quicker, but how much of that material is even seen? Think of it this way, how many times are you searching online for something or shopping and there are random ads popping up everywhere? Which let’s be real, is almost impossible to close out of them on the first try because the x is the size of a grain of rice in comparison to your finger. Not only is this time consuming but it is stealing the spotlight from the actual information on the ad which you probably have to zoom in 200% to see. Printed material doesn’t need to fight for its spot to communicate a message or be worried about “pop-up” competitors. Sounds, like print, is the real star of this show.

#4 - Print marketing is more costly.



There are many costs to consider on a printed side of marketing, probably a few more than digital. However, the generated revenue from those costs couldn’t have a wider gap! Take a look at this scenario: say you spend 30 dollars to send out an email blast (without a marketing campaign or SEO plan) to 50 people. It’s quickly made, doesn’t need to be printed, sounds like a great way to get sales right? Wrong, the reality is, only a small percent of those 50 people actually opens the email. I guess you’ll have to try again and there goes those pretty little dollar signs!

Okay now let’s say you spend 50 dollars to send a direct piece of mail to 10 people and put up some sale posters. It takes a little longer, there’s additional mailing cost, sounds like you’re losing money. Not quite! First, people are able to see your sale posters in a wide variety of settings, through a window, from other stores, driving by, etc. Also, out of those 10 people you sent the mail to, the probability of response is about 8 out of the 10, because they already feel as if they mean something when getting personalized mail. You don’t even have to worry about platform/device compatibility, a dying battery or wi-fi access. Print marketing truly can be priceless.

So how many truths or myths did you get right?! Were you surprised by some of the answers? Maybe it makes your coffee taste bad because it’s that shocking. Maybe you even think that these answers are nuts and I should seek treatment immediately. Regardless of whatever emotion you are feeling right now, if you take away all the bells and whistles of the digital world, I bet you couldn’t even remember what the last thing you read online was. That pizza coupon though, I’m certain you know where it is, how much the discount is, and how excited you are to order it!

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