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Get FRESH with sign Success!

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

No, I am not talking about a crisp apple or a new haircut, I’m talking signage. You know, the crazy posters that make you text your friend to come shopping with you or the standing display that make taking a selfie with it irresistible.

So how do you get a fresh taste of success if you start skiing down a slippery slope of boredom? Here are some top ideas to get you one step ahead of the game and back on top through print solutions!

Check your permanent signage.

Cracked, peeling or faded outdoor signs give your business a dated look that makes an afternoon with my grandma seem more exciting. Ask if it’s time to give your seasoned signs a long overdue makeover.

Eliminate confusion.

Whether you want to keep it minimally simple or as bold as a carnival, people are guaranteed to need direction. Here is some commonly inside signage needed:

• Restroom signs - for that antsy toddler that “didn’t need to go to the bathroom" before you left.

• Pull or push signs - to prevent that awkward embarrassment of the dead halt when you try to push a door meant to be pulled.

• How great your sale is - to back up that group of teens hashtags